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Hello once again here is more information on the other members of APES besides yours truly and Rodney the other Co-Founder, besides the 2 wild Reed Buck and various other wild animals and birds that reside on the property. They are as follows, DOGS, Bodrum she is a large fat female Ridgeback has an eating problem cant stop…. She was an exchange student so to speak. Dingbat, he was given to us by a vet, as he was a stray pup at the time, has a wonderful habit of smiling when in trouble and is rather rude at times passes winds regularly with a smile of course. Adolph he is also a product of the vet, he came to us as a young man, he has a problem hence his name thinks he owns all. Maggie, she was found as a puppy wandering in the main street of Ixopo, Guided to us I’m sure, she is a total nut and thinks she is a cowgirl and herds stray cows when ever possible, also quite deaf when she wants to be. Dear old Twinkels, she was rescued by us, poor animal had a broken leg and had been left for 10 days also had 4 puppies but unfortunately 3 died we only managed to save her little daughter called Ugie, who is a nervous wreck who squeals for no reason but has a lovely habit of smiling when happy, The geese delight in chasing her because she squeals so willingly. CATS: Healey he is old, thinks he is a monkey as he was brought up by our Founder monkey Bugs, sleeps and thinks a lot, also quite talkative especially when he wants his biscuits. He is famous for smacking one of the Reed buck who was disturbing his ablutions. Amber she is a lady, delights in sleeping under a table lamp thinks she owns Rodney a real lap cat. Bush cat she is also a female {all our ladies are spayed) She is a large lovable stripped girl that seems to forget she is a cat at times. Sylvester, black and white female very small, and standoffish But she delights in chasing the buck. Wobbles, poor thing was abandoned and had a nervous disorder hence her name. Star her sister she isn’t too friendly, except at meal times Smuge another cat that spends a great deal of time out doors, she also loves laps and the fireside. Hercules sister of Sylvester, who prefers keeping to herself except at meal times,Whirley2, she is named after another Whirley, so called because she has swirles on both hips, Im not guilty of the name please note. Cheetah, obviously called by this name because he is marked like a Cheetah.He will shortly be visiting the vet for an operation…. No prizes for guessing why; GEESE: Nigel & Cassie who belong to our local Induna (Headman of the Community) Cassie had a broken leg which Rod did a fantastic job of re setting, he (the gander I mean), has a slight limp, sometimes I think he has forgotten to walk without limping. Nigel is the leader and is very stroppy he delights in starting the aggression with various members of our “family” and thinks I’m his property too. They stay with us as we have more water on the property for them. We are currently looking for a lady or two for them… DUCKS: Don (Duckleone ) very much the leader, friendly and Donna his wife we think , these were a gift from one of the farm workers, Mandla,, we hope to breed them and he of course will profit, CHICKEN: Lizzie is a wonderful hen, she was named after one of our previous volunteers from Switzerland.Lizzie was a gift from the Induna at our previous venue. She is amazing, and has laid an egg every day for the last 3 years with the exception of a three month period when she was sitting. Also hope to find her a male friend soon. Her favourite meals are from the monkey feeding dishes, we have even seen her eating fruit, an amazing hen as we said. UPDATED MARCH 2006 Our Duiker Oliver died on the first of Jan this year after a long up hill battle to get him to walk, the sad part of this story is he started to do so on his own but died a few days later from Billary Twinkles has passed away in February poor dear but at least she had a good life, Cassie has since been stolen we are trying to get a mate for Nigel, he really misses his friend. Lizzie has a daughter, called Guinea she or he is a guineafowl, Lizzie hatched her out from an egg brought in by one of the farm workers, they are inseperable,2 other Muscovie ducks, drake called Will & Grace, (since writing this she decided to head off for the Mooi river and hasn’t been seen since) they also belonged to Brian Pagathi the Induna.Rescued a goat kid about 5 months old, called Gungy he was lying in the middle of the road, swollen front leg and as skinny as a reed, he now seems to be getting better, with a lot of care and attention from Charlotte,Adam and Diane 3 Travellers volunteers that have been with us.We also had a female goat, also terribly injured we named Gertie, she unfortunately died of her injuries even though we fought for her life. Sylvester has also disappeared, and Hercules has had three kittens, one died shortly after birth the other Muffin earlier this month.Only Mask is left, she is a spoilt brat, thanks to Charlotte the volunteer. This is up to date now but will definitely be adding to our collection of “domestic brood” Of course the monkey population also increased. Sadily our wild Male Herman died from a snake bite, we think, we were unable to catch him he disappeared into the bush and we haven’t seen him for about 3 weeks now. More about the monkeys in APES CHATTER 06


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