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BOBBY:  Has really become the Alpha male now and has also become extremely vain! No reflective windowpane is safe and heaven help all if he sees his reflection in a mirror! The most ridiculous act witnessed by Rodney was Bobby staring at his reflection in the dog’s water bowl and head butting it, yes can you believe this.

PADDY (alias PADDY McSHANE): Before the actual move to our present venue, Khoboto, he was sent over to one of our members at Seven Oaks to learn some manners and hopefully stop chasing away visitors or trying to possess volunteers. He was put in an enclosure during his stay there, nearly 3 months. When  collected him after our move he decided that he was very happy being totally free and disappeared for 3 days, much searching and calling but no response. Eventually on the fourth day he decided enough bush bashing and came home. Bobby also decided he needed to be kept in his place and not to get too familiar with the “girls of the troop”, much to Paddy’s disgust. I’m sorry to say his manners have not improved as much as we hoped he still objects to strangers visiting and it is quite comical to see him “see” people off the property. This too has caused us a headache, because a few days ago he again disappeared after running after the previous owners car, following Andre halfway to the bush camp, and then not returning. The local people said they had seen him following the car then running off into the pine forest. More frantic calling and hunting incase he had been caught in a snare or worse. Feeling pretty down in the dumps, yours truly had to accept what ever was to be, was to be! Late on the fourth evening he appeared very hungry but fine, little beast!
Unfortunately Paddy still has his likes and dislikes, if you are one of the people whom he likes all well and good, but if he decides you are not really someone whom he can tolerate he will try and put you in your place, this can be a painful experience believe me. He seems to think that I’m guilty of bringing these people and if I’m not careful will punish me by giving me a darn hard bite, which is extremely sore depending on the intensity. So now our visitors carry a shambok (long whip like molded flexible weapon) that can give you a painful slap without breaking bones or causing serious injuries, he respects these “weapons” at least.  Unfortunately he still thinks he is a person and as explained because previous volunteers kept on carrying him around or sneaking him into their bedroom he much prefers human companionship, but all is not lost he is definitely becoming more of a monkey, thank God.

CHEETAH:(CAT) He is still not the friendliest of felines picks and chooses his “friends”. At last he has decided to accept our invitation to come inside instead of spending his time in the “cats room” ha ha really the visitors/ guest room/ or hospital ward.

What can I say these two are remarkable, Thombi is still the “nanny of the troop” also looking after Mandy’s little one, Evelyn/Jason, who incidentally is a holy terror and thinks he is a giant. Ally and EJ are inseparable. Amazing to see these two swinging about on the branches of the Jacaranda tree at the front verandah. Im sure Mandy is delighted to have EJ taken care of so well. Equally amazing is to see these two youngsters taking cover as soon as there is a warning bark from any of the other monkeys.

 EFFA: Growing so fast, but still a sweet natured young monk, not like his “twin” Less who is quite aggressive and vocal. The “youngsters are still in the “Lame & Lazy enclosure but as soon as spring is here they are going to out for good, with the resident troop.

KHOBOTHO:((DOG) What a monster he is turning into gained a KG a week thank heavens he has now slowed down, we thought we had an elephant in our midst. He now weights 72kgs at 6 months!!!!  Still has a wonderful nature barks like a bulldog, but is a loving and adorable chap. He will be going to see the “vet’ for his operation in a months time. (pockets picked so to speak)

ELLY-MAY (DOG) Still a dilly young female, not as obedient as Khoboto but getting there. She went to see her “vet” last week and now is a sports model. Much to the disgust of the still male members of the “clan”.

LANDI :(DOG) This gangling young man seems to have stopped growing at last! He has recently visited his vet to have his” pockets picked” and is rather disgusted with us me thinks! We shuddered to think of the outcome if he and Elle-May decided to breed, joking aside it had to be done. He is still a loving young chap but has developed a bark of note a cross between a bray and a howl!

DING-BAT (DOG) He is still the happiest canine in the world, age hasn’t changed him a bit. Sometimes thinks he is a young buck and gets embarrassed that he is not! He is still his fury friends best “groomer, of course this includes the cats, especially Sylvester she adores his attentions.

She is still managing so well, she and the rest will be moved into a really large enclosure shortly, Feed times are her favourite times of the day, and of course early morning as the first rays of the sun shine into the enclosure. Has now decided that her favourite meals are spaghetti, banana, sweet potatoes and cooked potatoes and of course a sweet or 2 yoghurt chews are her weaknesses.

STAR: what can I say? This young man has grown so much in the recent months, getting a wee bit too big for his boots, and if he can’t get his own way he does try and show his authority! But still has his adorable look, overhang lip, which I’m sure he is quite aware of, when he wants a special treat he makes it more pronounced.

EAST; Sadly to say he was left behind in Muden, not because we didn’t want him but because he had joined the wild troop in that area and had already started to make his mark, and was being accepted very quickly by the others, though he still allowed me to approach him, he did not allow me to get too close to his new family, a very good sign indeed, after all that is what rehabilitation is all about!  We have regular reports from the workers in that area, that he is fine and still with the troop.

MAY MAY: This “lady” is well and still bosses all the Lame & Lazy inmates around she still has the “sweetest tooth I have ever known, and can hear a sweet wrapper from a hundred yards!

LOGIE: Bless him, is really not completely normal, no wonder due to his very bad beginning. He is the gentlest monkey and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his little body. Though he is smaller than his ‘friends” he is doing well on the whole.

Is the most independent mischievous monkey but enjoys his playmates, though not of leadership material he joins in if there is any confrontation in or out of the enclosure. He is usually one of the first to bark a warning if there is any sign of danger.

He is still the most adorable chap, due to his up bringing of course, well done Paddy Gregory (one of our trustees) Stylo loves swimming in his paddling pool and is the first to “dive in” and encourages the others to follow. He is quite the clown!

KAREN: Really this monkey is the” hag of all hags”, since she has taken over the leadership from Mandy and her advances to Rodney were rejected and not to mention her losing her daughter (she was electrocuted on a power line, just before her 1st birthday in January 07), which was very tragic. Karen saw Rod pick up the little body and I think she thought Rod was to blame and turned on him, poor chap had to injure numerous attacks and some nasty bites, she even gave me a nasty bite as well. Anyway she seems better now since she has concentrated her efforts on Bobby, whether he is delighted or not, this remains to be seen. I’m sure once she has had another infant she will be okay and less aggressive to Rod and myself.

MAGGIE:(DOG) She really has the ability to totally ignore you if she doesn’t want to listen, sometimes she is adorable but other times a total pain, We still love her though except when she barks her usual high pitch tone at the cows visiting.

(DOG) He was well named! Poor old man is getting on but still enjoys a wee run about, unfortunately the curse of most aged is arthritis, he had a visit to his vet to be examined behaved very well and takes his medicine with much grumbling. Does not tolerate the other dogs very well seems to be continually growling and grumbling, but that’s him.

She is getting ancient but still sprightly though she seems to spend most of her days fast asleep in her apple box. She is quite oblivious of the goings on around her.

HEALEY (CAT): Granddad of the cat family but still the most laidback talkative chap in the world.

Everyone: Ducks, all well Laura & Louise has become proud mums to 17 ducklings. Dads are not sure what has happened! Geese still masters of all or so they think! Sad to say that Guinea (Guinea fowl) decided to fly away just after we arrived, hopefully she has found her own kind which are on the farm next door I believe, The rest of the cat clan 7 in all, are well fat and the mouser Mask had declared war on all rodents. Last but not least Mfene (Baboon) is well and has many other of his kind to play with at CROW, we still miss him dreadfully and will always be grateful to you Santa for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to care for him. Thank you, it was a great privilege and honour, We have called our latest vehicle (another ancient Landrover), “ Mfene” in honour  of him!!
More about the comings and going on at APES later on in the year, Oh, by the way our new title is : “APES INCOPORATING KHOBOTO WILDLIFE ORPHANAGE”:

To all our friends out there please keep in touch and let us know how you all are.



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