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Umpalazi Community & Wildlife Project


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Bertrand Russell.


The aim of the  APES/Umpalazi: Combined Community & Wildlife Project is to incorporate local community upliftment, including skills training, environmental education and aid work; with the rehabilitation of injured and/or orphaned wildlife for future release and monitoring and will also be a sanctuary for other displaced animals.


The  APES /Umpalazi: Community and Wildlife Project is set on a breathtaking 18,000 acres, in the South African bush, Umpalazi is bursting with potential; both as a home and as a future refuge for wildlife.
Both projects border a future Big 5 Game Reserve that will one day compare with Kruger National Park, without being over-commercialized. It is situated approximately 17 kms from an old established town, called Greytown in the midlands of Kwazulu/Natal, yet is secluded amongst the magic of nature.

The APES/Umpalazi: Community & Wildlife Project endeavors to provide skills training for local rural Zulu community members. This is carried out with the help of volunteers who help train local community members, whilst transforming Umpalazi's facilities as a wildlife sanctuary. This is a joint project with the Animal Protection and Environmental Sanctuary (A.P.E.S.) as co-founders, Dawn Magowan and Rodney Pendleton, will be  releasing certain wildlife at Umpalazi  when possible. and to get volunteers involved with wildlife conservation. APES focuses on the rehabilitation of primates (primarily the South African Vervet Monkey - Cercopithecus aethiops) and other wildlife, and are committed to community upliftment and environmental education.

The  APES/Umpalazi: Community & Wildlife Project also carries out snare/trap clearing game counts; bird watching  and maintenance of the non- releasable  vervet monkeys snd others by creating  'feeding stations'  when necessary (to supplement the diet of the nearby wild vervet monkeys due to their continued loss of habitat; this eliminates the need for the primates to steal food, an act which could result in their death at human hands). We also supply information  verbal and other to the general public  who seek advise in regard to so called  vervet monkey problems  in the  urban areas.

There are also opportunities for volunteers to assist at nearby rural Zulu schools (environmental education etc.), to help local AIDS workers, and to participate in an up-coming project involving more intensive snare/trap clearing in forest plantations, invasive weed removal and other environmental management activities.

NB:Since the project was formed Umpalazi has been badly vandalised and will be a very long term project , funds permitting we hope to restore it, never having  had  access to electricity, we hope to install solar and or gas facilities enabling people to stay there  and  will provide for a more friendly environment

N.B APES & Umpalazi have now combined totally due to the Founder Dani of Umpalazi  being unable to continue a separate website due to the expense running the website For information regarding this merger please contact Dawn direct on or visit the website


Help us make a difference by donating today.

The APES/Umpalazi Project can provide a future for both community and wildlife thanks to its generous donors.

Your donation will go towards transforming and maintaining  APES/Umpalazi as a wildlife sanctuary whilst providing employment and skills training to local Zulu people.

You can fundraise for our cause or donate directly, ultimately you will be providing a future for both domestic animals and wildlife.

We also gratefully accept in-kind donations, large or small. Please see our appeals for more information; or you may even want to purchase something from our online store at CafePress.

Please direct all ‘Donations’ and/or ‘Volunteer Fees’ to the following:

(please let us know if you have/intend to send cheques/money, thankyou)

Cheque payments
can be posted to:
Box 443 GREYTOWN 3250, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Bank Deposits:
Account Name:Magowan D. Umpalazi
Account No:2344081550
Branch:Greytown K.Z.N.
South Africa
Branch Code:13443140


The  APES/Umpalazi:
Community & Wildlife Project sends out an appeal for the following:


  • Financial or otherwise will be gratefully accepted.
  • For daily expenses-food, medicines, maintenance and administration
  • Please visit our Donate page for ways to donate.
  • Or visit our online store at Cafepress where a portion of the price is donated to Umpalazi, and your use of the products on sale is a form of advertising.


  • i.e. poles, shade cloth, food, food containers, steel tables, old bedding etc.


  • Building, transport, veterinary etc.

Building  & Renovation materials

  • tools etc.

Gas/Solar/Battery powered appliances/equipment

  • fridge/freezer; generator; car battery; stove/oven; microwave; solar panels; gas bottles etc.

Fencing & Caging materials

  • to build releasement wildlife enclosures etc.

Paint & Restoration materials etc.



The following are helping to make the  APES/Umpalazi: Community & Wildlife Project a success with their generous help, support or donations:

  • Chief Nkosi M. Zondi   his family and local community. (allowing us to use Umpalazi for our community and wildlife project)
  • Dawn Magowan and Rodney Pendleton (co-founding, inspiring and organising the Umpalazi Project)
  • Mr. Chris Bagot and students of 'Galvin Park Secondary College' (Australia) (raised enough money for Umpalazi to buy a generator)
  • Kimberley Bagot  (designed the wonderful Umpalazi Logo)
  • Volunteer Opportunity Listing Providers (i.e. Green Volunteers, Idealist, Travel Tree, Go Abroad, Stop Dodo, Wiser Earth, My Roho,  You Go Do, Animal Jobs etc.) (helping get the word out about Umpalazi and recruit invaluable volunteers)
  • CafePress (allowing us to set up a free fundraising online store, where a portion of the price is donated to Umpalazi)







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