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APES Chatter       2013    - a periodic newsletter




Compliments of the season everyone, firstly I must apologies for the long delay on sending  out  newsletter but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time or hours in the day. There have been so many changes during the last couple of years that it will take a great deal of time to tell all. So if any one wants more details please contact me directly and let me have your queries and I will try and answer them. Firstly I will begin with the latest happenings and follow with the past happenings.  Therefore some of the information is in past tense hence outdated.

 DEC 2012; We now have a wee deer  known  locally as an Impala, a rare black  female and worth R100,000 rand they (the youths here)  killed her mother and brought her to me carried upside down and demanded I buy her! I wont tell you my language once I had her and threatened them with heaven knows what.  Anyway Ebony is a darling and shares our  bedroom  in a darkened  area, she is accepting a bottle, thank the Lord and will only drink if I let her lick me and rub noses she makes a OOH OOH noise common in Impala, once she is old enough she will go back to her own kind. I will make sure she doesn’t get sold or murdered but as she is worth so much they will keep her for breeding, unfortunately I cannot keep her as they the farmers !across the road own the herd. Must run as usual its go go go for me no helper’s volunteers are non existent at present why I don’t know. I am up at 4.30 am going down at 9.30pm a long day for me but I keep going thank God
.  Sometimes I wonder why I am on this planet but when I see the animals I understand why it is hard but we keep at it.
It is strange that sometimes out of what we find bad or negative some good comes but we have to try and let GO AND LET GOD that is a saying my Irish mother always drummed into me, thank heavens
. EBONY): Now the sad news our much loved Ebony developed a stomach problem possibly due to being subjected to losing her mother and also the nutriments that she would have had from mum, including the stress factor, It was almost 3 weeks to the day she arrived that we had to take her to a vet unfortunately I had to take her there as the vet we usually use was away goes the extra mile for any animal and is sometimes criticized for doing so. I phoned the vet about an hour after leaving her his words I quote” OH SHE DIED ABOUT HALF AN HOUR AGO” unquote I obviously wept as I could still hear her OHWO OHWOO call typical of a Impala  lamb. I told him that I would collect her body to bury her and advise the owners they breed these animals for sale and others for hunting, the vet informed me that they had advised them and they said I quote “KEEP THE BODY WE WILL COLLECT IT AS WE WANT THE SKIN” I am ashamed to say I swore and not too politely I might add, what sort of human are these what worth is the skin???????? Dear God.
 THOMBI: Another awful event was that our beloved Thombi, the monkey we have had for over 20 years she came to us having been taken to the Durban SPCA by her African owner he was going back to his rural home and as his neighbours had killed her sister and eaten her he did not want the same fate to happen to Thombi. She only understood Zulu as well, to cut a long story sort, she was amazing not humanized but trusted us totally and was totally free, it took a lot of work and yes she did get beaten up by the others but she had to learn her place in the troop and she did and survived also had 6 infants during her time with us, 3 who survived had made her a granny and great granny she loved her family dearly. She also lost her other 3 due to her age  the last one was huge like a 3 month old she gave birth during the night but it was still born she too had a hard birth and was exhausted to say the least. The sad part is when she lost an infant she carried the body until it disintegrated not a pleasant sight but very touching and heart breaking to see. We tried to save her and gave her all the treatment necessary but she died 3 days later in my   arms. Tears I can promise you, also from Rod and the man Johan who lives with us, Over a year ago now he had his 3 monkeys killed by Parksboard 3 weeks after they murdered my 3 girls, they have been taken to court by very rich people and it turns out that have they been illegal since 2008 because their board wasn’t elected democratically! So my darlings died unnecessarily as many others did. Johan is nuts about the monkeys. I have at least some peace of mind that when I depart I know that the monkeys will be well cared for. I also have a young girl Natasha, she and her mum are Trustee’s and both are as nuts as I am about monkeys and animals. Natasha is studying at present and wants to take over APES, so with her and Johan I will rest in peace, I think!!!!!!!!

 PATCHES: More tears, a calf was brought in her mum had died due to the damn idiot who supposed to look after the cows for the owner who lives in Johannesburg The cow was in agony her udder was swollen so much it touched the ground! Rod was called and did what he could for the mom but she died the next day. The little one had been without proper milk for over 2 weeks, she was brought to us in a wheel barrow, what a mess, Patches as we named her, was so thin and mangy, well of course we treated her and she was beginning to respond but  a week later she died in my arms. Honestly we cannot bear losing any animal. The owner was furious as he pays this drunkard to look after the cows,. Unfortunately I have to charge him for medication as we don’t get assistance purchasing medications, We don’t charge fees, just for the milk powder, medication injections etc. we do however get donations from Aheers a local supermarket, re waste fruit and stuff that is passed “sell by date” thank heavens for this otherwise we would not be able to continue our work, as on our Government Pensions which hardily cover our electricity. We are extremely grateful when we get a financial donation no matter how small it all helps and when we get volunteers it is an added bonus.

BLUEY:  This young man came to us from up country about 8 hours drive away. Again we were contact this lady had rescued him from a woman on a farm near her who had killed the mother to get the infant and then due to his constant crying contacted his savior with these words” if don’t come and get this screaming thing I will run over him with my car,’ he was then sent down to us traveling in a  milk tanker, it took 8 hours but he was well looked after by the driver,  and we collected him at  midnight from Mooi River about 90 kms from us. Bluey settled very quickly and was accepted just as quick by our free troop, He is now a fine young man such a character always acting, walking on his arms back legs in the air!! Quite an endearing and remarkable chap and adopted little J.J. as soon as he arrived. Now that they are both outside permanently he is also J.J”s protector.

J.J.  He had a very sad start to his life poor wee mite, his mother was killed on the South Coast on the freeway, and he was born premature while she was dying. He was rescued by a motorist and taken to a woman who cares for monkeys she then sent him off to another sanctuary and they sent him to us. He was so tiny and so distraught always crying but he soon settled down. He is small in stature but such a bright button, he learnt very quickly to unlatch the door, and let himself in or out  and if the weather is  too cold or wet he decides that it is time to sleep in his sleeping box but this now getting rarer and rarer. His protector and companion Bluey is always there to keep an eye on him and sometimes joins him to sleep indoors. He also holds long chattering conversations with Rod, what they talk about I have no idea, I don’t talk Monkenese too well!!

 JULIA:  One morning a lady and her son arrived at the sanctuary with her, she was approximately a year old, and Michelle asked me please to take her in and told me her story. Julia was rescued by Michelle’s husband while working in a forest area in the Drakensberg called van Reenen the workers disturbed a troop in the area as they had dogs with them the monkeys rushed off and one that was pregnant miscarried while escaping, luckily the little one was ready to be born, mother disappeared into the trees with the others and Julia was picked up and taken home where Michelle did a fantastic job of raising her. Unfortunately as Julia was free to wander she was encouraged  by the neighbour to visit the woman would always bribed her with treats and when asked not to she replied that she loved monkey and welcomed having Julia visit her,,, until Julia  started to help herself to various things(which monkeys do best)  and when she took this woman’s glasses this person got violent and her husband started shooting Julia with a pellet gun ( unfortunately these guns are not subject to a  license)  threatened to kill  the monkeys unless she was got rid of, hence the visit to us. What could I do? Nothing, but accept her. Michelle was heart broken having to leave this beloved family member and keeps constantly in touch. Julia had to have an operation as she had six pellets lodged in her little body. Then to crown it she being curious and wanting to make friends immediately with the outside lot she stuck her leg out of the wired door and got a nasty bite. Not daunted by this she then got another. She is fine now and adorable. It will take time and patience to get her accepted into the outside troop because of her age, that is why we insist and beg people not to keep  these primates too long bring them in when tiny the younger the better and the quicker for them to get accepted. It isn’t easy as they are adorable but once they start growing up and biting that is when they are discarded, tragic but unfortunately true.  She is quite a character very demanding as she was spoilt rotten and just like a spoilt human. She has to be first and must have everything that someone else has!!!!!!

 LOUIS: We were advised about a very young infant who’s mother had been shot at a Missionary establishment  about an hour away from us, we followed up the info and arrived at this place amazed to see the size of it and the number of people there, on speaking to the manager we were informed that he had no idea that one of his German volunteers had this infant and would look into it, we asked him to inform us as soon as possible as it was vital that the little one had proper care being so young. After not hearing anything though we made numerous calls to him we heard nothing, we heard on the grapevine that the volunteer had plans to take the monkey back to Germany with him so  I  immediately sent an e/mail and  advised him that if this infant wasn’t delivered immediately I would have no alternative but advise the authorities. This did the trick so to speak, The next day a  employee and the volunteer arrived with the infant both Johan and Rod were there to collect him, I must however congratulate the volunteer he managed  to look after  little Louis as he was named well.  The person with volunteer was asked why the mother was shot were the monkeys a nuisance, raiding or what?  He openly admitted that they shot monkeys regularly for fun and no they were not a problem on the property they went into the bush attached and did the shooting!!! It is a wonder he wasn’t throttled immediately, Anyway I have been trying now for weeks to get a response from the manager at this place but been ignored so now it is war and we will go media even though these people are extremely rich and think they are untouchable. In the meantime Louis is well  he and Julia are great friends in fact she is a pain if he is in a bad mood and squeaks she will attack whoever is holding him, not pleasant no blood spilt either  She is protecting him which is great

TOMMY & BILLY: These two came to us having lived in a cage situation for many years Tommy the elder is 15 and Billy 14 they were sent to us because their owner was moving and couldn’t take them with her. Again I stress the senselessness and selfishness of keeping monkeys as pets it is wrong they belong in the wild with their own kind. Well Billy decided enough was enough after being in a huge enclosure (I don’t like the word cage) with his companion Tommy and escaped, he is now in the wild blue yonder and we have heard him on occasions. I am delighted that he is free at long last. Now Tommy also tried the escape bit but being an older male he got bitten and mauled by our lot not death threatening thank heavens but was quite delighted to be back in his home. He has since blossomed and the main man so to speak, I think that Billy was bullying him quite often. Anyway he has made good friends with a number of the girls who groom him through the fencing he too is practicing his charms. Billy will be set free once we move to our new venue because when in totally neutral territory all will be new to the troop so there won’t be any aggression from anyone. In the meantime Mr. Billy is boss of his enclosure and keeps Jackie in place an amusing sight to watch. Who is Jackie?  He’s story to follow

Most of our monkey mums have had infants 2011 all did well. Mandy sadly lost her little one at 2 weeks old, why? No one knows. Thombi as reported previously also lost hers. It is so difficult to see them especially when other moms have their infants. Our happy wanderer Paddy the terrible, haha has returned he was away for over 3 years. Not the Paddy that many of our volunteers will remember he is now a huge male not demanding all our attention or get nipped he keeps to himself with his ladies. A good Alpha male but on occasions likes to show his authority too much and if he is not careful the females chase him off and he then sulks for a while before returning a little better mannered! Paddy actually took over from Big Boy who came in from the wild but being older than Paddy, stepped down and then decided he would return to the bush. Star also went off and actually Big Boy was remarkable like Star in nature. One of Karen’s sons, Edward who was a huge male but gentle with the littlies also left for the “wild blue yonder as did our special Ngomi  all our lot that have departed on their own free will, yes we miss them but wish them God speed and they can always come back if they wish. It is especially hard to see the males leave but that is the way of the primates they must make their own way find or start another family.

POULTRY:  What can I say, they are thriving of course we have had a number of ducklings die but mainly due to weather change, chicken as well. I must make mention of course of SONDO (Zulu for Sunday) who is she? She is a special hen who really doesn’t want to be one. She came to us as a chicken on a Sunday hence her name, as her mum didn’t want her and others pecked her she belonged to the royal family here. Well she blossomed into a beautiful bird, slept  in a bird cage had the run of the house, helped herself to any morsel she fancied off anyone’s plate a sight to see is a volunteer totally gob smacked as this feather fiend treated herself from the volunteers plate!!!! Sondo also had no qualms if she was in the kitchen and a dog or cat approached she would give them a darn hard peck! She  laid her daily egg in the bird cage and eventually decided she was going to be a mum of course I changed the eggs for fertile ones she duly hatched 4 little chicks unfortunately non survived as I had to put her in a hock outside and I think rats got them. The funniest sight was when a rooster approached her with evil intentions she bolted for the backdoor and rushed inside, she was not having anything like that happen!!! She is still with us but unfortunately I have to train her to be a fowl, difficult as it may be.

BELINDA: She came to us via the SPCA about 3 months old, and was found wandering the streets of Greytown, a lovely girl, now a fat rotund lady. If you ask if she wants her tummy rubbed she will lie down and then when told to do ballet she will stretch her leg high, what is she! She is our darling piggy. Her favourite friend is B.Z.   he is a white bull calf now nearly full grown that came to us practically dead, and blind he had been bitten by a snake but now is a lovely loving natured bull food is his main thing in life especially leftovers from the monkeys dishes, a slice of bread or cake is also well accepted incidentally with treatment his eyesight is fine except he has a slight blurring in one eye.

DONKEYS, CATTLE & GOATS:  All fine fat and flourishing. Ferdinand has gone off to his owner and doing well. Snowy gave birth to a bull calf we have named Gabi after a wonderful person who lives in Germany called Gabi Smit; she runs a fantastic centre there. Tinkerbell gave birth to a huge male kid called Astra a very loving natured ram and he since became a father to triplets. All doing well. We also have reared many other goats belonging to the community which have since returned to their owners, one to mention is Liam he arrived practically dead but again with love and care he survived and is a darling we let him go to a kind member of the community as his owner never bothered to query about him, Liam insists on returning, with his new owners blessing. The twins Dolly and Dotty have also gone to their owner plus Dolly has a kid now. The new set of twins Benny and Twiggy are doing fantastically even thought their owner seems to have forgotten them perhaps the thought of paying towards their medication and milk has scared him off? It never ceases to amaze me how some people can take advantage of others so easily! I sometimes think the word goes out that this is the place to be…. Numerous goats pass through, stop to have a bleat or two and a drink so to speak if they are not well, we land up treating them and I am sure they know this. Of course this also applies to numerous cattle, a horse or two you name it they find us!

JACKIE:  not a very inventive name as he is a Jackal, he came to us at about 3 weeks old a lady brought him in, she had purchased him from the side of a road his mum had been killed. I was determined that he would not be tamed as such  because in time he would be returned to his natural habitat, Jackie decided that I was the one to latch onto. I fed him and for the first few months he  also decided he was staying under our bed in the dark, “cave style” and venture out at meal times or to peer out of the window while standing on the bed or sewing table.. Of course he had the run of the house at night and plenty to explore. As he grew older we then had to put him in the bathroom at night but he still had run of the house, and his special carry cage where he could sleep in and I could move him from place to place. He actually would go into the cage when I told him to, remarkable!  Another reason for moving him out of our room at night, because he took great delight in pouncing on sleeping Rod and peering into this strange things face, much to Rods disgust. When in the bathroom and either of us bathed he would stand up on the side of the bath and watch to see what these weird humans did in water. Also much to Rods horror and not being crude, he would eye Rod’s private parts with a gleam in his eyes. I tried to assure Rod that he was quite safe but it didn’t work I used to have to stand guard so to speak ‘Just incase”, Jackie was released but not here as it isn’t safe He was in a huge enclosure sharing quarter with Tommy it was a sight to see the exercising that went on between the two of them and no aggression or threats. He was released to a safe area with others of his own kind we miss him but that is where he should be. I often wonder why we humans cannot behave in a similar manner, so much for superior intelligence!!!!

DOGS & CATS: Miracle She came to us as usual on deaths bed, her African owner brought her to me she was a bag of bones six weeks old and violently ill, we treated her and took her to our vet who didn’t think she would survive if she did she would possibly be aggressive, retarded and blind and suggested that we should put her to sleep, and for Jane to recommend this as she is so caring you can imagine the state of the poor pup. We said give her a chance, took her home and started treatment with my natural remedies etc and low and behold she responded and hence the name Miracle. Jane could not believe the results when we took her to visit. Yes she is most ungainly for a Greyhound a weird gate, but she is loveable, intelligent and not blind. After Khobotho died we acquired 2 more dogs named Nero and Rover these two had a sad tale of woe the owner a local resident came over and said and I quote” I have 2 dogs I don’t want them they are full grown and if you don’t take them I shall kill them” unquote, again I make no apologies for my language I told him if any harm came to these two he would be killed by me!!  The next day Rod went around to collect them guess what? They were less than 5 months old and of “no know breed” but of course we took them in and oh boy puppies that need training as these two were totally left outside never inside so I will let your imagination run riot! Both have settled well and surprising enough very intelligent though naughty at times.  Maggie, Buttons, Goldie, Dingbat 2 Nasher Ellemay are extremely tolerant considering.
CATS: Our cat population is still 13. One of the younger ones called Princess passed away, why we do not know, all the others including our old lady Wobbles is still going strong. So are the oldies Bushcat, Amber and Smudge Grumpy, Boots, Kumbula, Katasa (meaning nuisance in Zulu) (Christopher, Shadow, Hercules (female believe it or not) Mungoie (cat in Zulu)} mother to all the monkeys she is extremely patient with the little ones, cuddles them and grooms them too.

LATEST INMATES:   A new calf was brought in  this month (Jan 2013) her mother didn’t have any milk she came as usual in a wheel barrow, but this time the same person as Patches didn’t waste time! She is very tiny and we have called her Lucene Zulu for Thursday) it took a couple of anxious days as she wasn’t interested in the bottle but thank heavens with much prompting, pushing and shoving she did accept it at present she is on 4 ltr’s a day (4hourly feeds) She is honoured and sleeps in the monkey kitchen on a bed of hay! Today we started the bucket brigade hard at first but worth it in the long run and saves an awful lot of time, she is now also trying to eat a wee bit of grass, horrah! Her mother we named MAMA has also joined us as it is important for the little one to know her as it is also important that the mom doesn’t fret. The reunion was very touching. So hopefully all will go well.
 MONKEY’S Piet as usual a pet, then too much trouble, Scottie sold on the side of the road mother obviously killed. All now with Julia and Louis learning to adapt and doing well. 9 new infants born last season, all doing well and growing fast. Contrary to some beliefs not every mom had am infant either.

OBITURIES: The following have passed on sad to say Healey passed away peacefully in my arms he was 28 years old Darling 26 year old Adolph had to be put to sleep he had cancer and towards the end he suffered a lot when getting up or down. Jane our vet, bless her came here to do it. As usual our dear Vovo dug the grave He too was upset as he was particularly fond of the old man. Our wildcat Cheetah also passed away, I think he might have been poisoned a lot of the people use RATEX a dreadful poison and should be banned as it is also a danger to humans. Buddy  waselectrocuted on the pole that has claimed a number of our monkeys it is unfortunate that this happens thankfully it is far less now since the pylons have been thoroughly protected by covers put on by Eskom our electricity people, we have also barbed wired the poles, greased them and cut any tall shrubs etc away, this seems to have done the trick but we are always vigilant and watch for anything that might change mainly due to the wind etc blowing off the covers. Thombi (see above) Manuel the wonderful bull calf we saved and reared. Grace the mare that wandered on to our property in poor condition after much love and feed her looked magnificent. Her owner one of the locals claimed her and took her off, Grace had a foal, and sadly Grace was killed on the main road. This makes me so angry because there was no reason for the owner to take her just bloody mindedness on his part. The foal is now at the SPCA being cared for. Numerous ducks have passed on naturally. Our beloved Khobotho (dog) Many of our volunteers will remember him. He had a twisted bowel and as our vet was away he was taken to another who put him to sleep, Khobotho was only six. Landy (dog) had cancer in his right rear leg and it was eating away the complete hip unfortunately he also had to be put to sleep, again many tears were shed.
Adolph Buddy Buddy&Healey Cheetah Grace Khobotho & Buttons Landie Ferdenand Thombi caring.  MAY MAY  EYELESS SCAR (2 YEARS IN AUGUST THESE BELOVED MONKEYS WERE MURDERED BY EKZNW) THANK YOU LIST: I cannot thank those who have supported us, those who have donated and those who have been there when we needed help.


I do hope you have found this interesting and hope that those who do will think of volunteering here. May we at APES thank all those who did volunteer and wish you all the happiness in the world? BLESS YOU FOR CARING.



I was named Jackie when I was than approximately 10 days old and this is my story.

, I was rescued by a woman who saw me being held up for sale along a country road in our area, When Helen as I  will call her because she does not want her name mentioned  Helen was told that there were two  of us found  and that one died and our mother had been killed She brought me here to APES. 

The owners at APES not wanting to tame or domesticate me, which would have been very easy as I hear that I was an adorable fluffy but skinny mite. Though so tiny I had the courage of a lion and tried to nip with my very tiny teeth barely out of their gums.

I must admit however I felt very safe and comfortable Anyway my new mum called Dawn or sometimes Mandlovu was the only one to handle me as I had to be bottle fed at this stage. They  kept me in their  very large bed room in a rescue cage  until I  settled down and soon as I had my first bottle I felt very sleepy so there was no hardship for me after the horrible time that I had been through and as I had to be fed during the night it was easier for my new mum and more comfortable and less stressful for me of course.

In a week or so I started showing signs of wanting to explore and surprisingly enough I was very agile for one so young and headed off to take up residence under Rod’s bed! He is my new dad. All very nice for me  but my new mum  had to crawl or try to crawl under the bed to catch me to feed me which I objected to a few times until  I realized that she  was the bearer of my bottle. Once I had satisfied my needs I promptly scurried back to my den. This was all very well while I was a wee mite but I grew quite quickly and was soon on a diet of chicken necks which I devoured with delight, progressing to chunks of meat etc  and of course a tasty small meaty bone as dessert. I must admit though I didn’t really fancy beef my preference is chicken or turkey chunks.

They then had to move me out of my day quarters during the night as I  decided that it was great fun  jumping  onto the bed and leapt onto the sleeping body, Rod, who really didn’t appreciate been woken up in the middle of the night and finding me peering practically face to face! So plan B had to be put into operation as I was still too young to be released and it was now getting towards winter so I  moved to their  large bathroom area as my night quarters and had the run of the rest of the house where I delighted on flushing the toilet, if the taps were not switched off tight enough I would turn on the water, unravel the toilet roll and much much more.

One of my favourite pastimes was to look for bugs etc by pulling off the skirting and I actually caught a frog who had visited me one night, I didn’t bother to eat it though and as it was still alive it was rescued and released into their garden  During the evenings humans do a strange thing they call it “taking a bath” well my dad was quite nervous on some occasions as while he was in the bath I would stand on my back legs and peer at him no contact of course, and when he got out to dry himself I would stare at his private parts or that is what he told my mom, saying I thought that it looked very like a chicken neck…… of course my mom had a good laugh. One occasion I actually jumped into the bath and found it quite enjoyable and sometimes after all had gone to bed I would steal a towel of the rail and sleep in the bath. I of course soon learnt that in the morning I could and would wonder back to my hidy hole under the bed.

During the day I could wander all over the house if I wished but I  delighted in watching the monkeys through the screen door or peering  around doors to see who or what was about, another favourite pass time was sitting on the bed which of course had to be covered with various  large flat sheets of wooden board as I  discovered I could play on the beds or take pillows off and store them in my’ den” all very well but finding a neat wet patch on the bed wasn’t so exciting for them of course., hence the boards. These had to be put on every morning and then removed when I took up my night quarters so they could go to bed.  My caretakers had hoped that we would be able to release me in our area but due to human expansion and more dogs in this area it isn’t safe.

We then started to search for a suitable safe environment where there were others of my kind, not an easy task, then to our delight we were asked to take over the farm attached to ours which was far more suitable and had all the right necessary environmental issues but unfortunately this hasn’t come about as soon as we had hoped  but is still on the cards so to speak. Meanwhile wasn’t at all well this was due to the stress that I was subjected to when I lost my mum and family.

I lost a lot of my fur and of course winter had set in and no way could I survive not being 100% in good heal. We contacted a lady in Zimbabwe who specializes in working with my kind and as soon as they started treatment of various medications sneaking it or rubbing it onto my food, of course they thought I didn’t notice!  My fur started growing again thank heavens.

I didn’t look like a moth eaten rug anymore! In the meantime the hunt for my new home continued we had offers but none were suitable and I was not going to live the rest of my life in a cage, certainly not! I am now just over a year old a teenager but wont be long before I am a full grown male and a extremely beautiful one I might add!. I now live in a huge enclosure while we wait to move which is very close now. I know where ever they release me will be for my benefit where I will be safe and I am sure I will meet a nice lady and have my own family in the very near future.

During my time with my human family they say they have learnt a great deal about the behaviour and how intelligent my species are. It is a pity more humans don’t try to understand animals more and many do not give animals the credit that they deserve.

I know to hide when strangers are about and will only show myself fully to my human mom and occasionally to dad they say they are honoured but I am  a wild animal  and thank God  they  did not try to tame me which could have been very easy in the beginning when I was so helpless. There is great excitement apparently I am marvelous or so my  human mom thinks, it is because I have dug myself a den very deep and comfortable this I did all by myself its instinct you know!.
I am sure your curiosity must be at its peek by now, what am I? Well, here is your answer; I am a black backed Jackal.

If you would like to know more about my future ventures please don’t hesitate to contact Mandlovu and I am sure she will be delighted to tell you. 

Thank you for reading my story. Please remember all animals have a right to live as humans do, we do communicate but humans do not understand the language of the wild.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you found it interesting.

Jackie Jackal                I am extremely good looking don’t you think?    

P.S   I am no longer living at A.P.E.S. I was released to a secret place among others of my kind. If anyone wants information about me sorry I won’t be able to reply but I am sure my adopted mom will. Humans, PLEASE REMEMBER we animals were created as you were and we too have souls.


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